3GPP specifications for 5G NR


3GPP has done documentation for the all 5G NR technology in series 38. Many specification has similar title which was used in UMTS (25 series) and LTE (36 series).

NAS related information has been mentioned in series TS24.501. The ‘29’ series includes a specification of the services offered by each Network Function within the 5G Core Network.

Below is specification table with title and number. It is available for download at www.3gpp.org

Spec No. Spec Title
TS 38.101-1 NR, UE Radio Transmission and Reception, Part I: Range I Standalone
TS 38.101-2 NR, UE Radio Transmission and Reception, Part 2: Range 2 Standalone
TS 38.101-3 NR, UE Radio Transmission and Reception, Part 3: Range I and Range 2 Interworking with other Radios
TS 38.104 NR, Base Station Radio Transmission and Reception
TS 38.133 NR, Requirements for support of Radio Resource Management
TS 38.211 NR, Physical Channels and Modulation
TS 38.212 NR, Multiplexing and Channel Coding
TS 38.213 NR, Physical Layer Procedures for Control
TS 38.214 NR, Physical Layer Procedures for Data
TS 38.215 NR, Physical Layer Measurements
TS 38.300 NR, Overall Description; Stagc-2
TS 38.304 NR, UE Procedures in Idle Mode and in RRC Inactive State
TS 38.306 NR, UE Radio Access Capabilities
TS 38.321 NR, Medium Access Control (MAC) Protocol Specification
TS 38.322 NR, Radio Link Contrnl (RLC) Protocol Specification
TS 38.323 NR, Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) Specification
TS 38.331 NR, Radio Resource Control (RRC) Protocol Specification
TS 38.401 NG-RAN, Architecture Description
TS 38.413 NG-RAN, NG Application Protocol (NGAP)
TS 38.415 NG-RAN, POU Session User Plane Protocol
TS 38.423 NG-RAN, Xn Application Protocol (XnAP)
TS 38.425 NG-RAN, NR User Plane Protocol
TS 38.463 NG-RAN, El Application Protocol (EIAP)
TS 38.473 NG-RAN, Fl Application Protocol (FIAP)
TS 37.340 NR, Multi-Connectivity, Overall description
TS 37.324 E-UTRA and NR., Service Data Adaptation Protocol (SDAP) specification
TS 24.501 Non-Access-Stratum (NAS) protocol for 50 System (SGS)
TS 23.003 Numbering, Addressing and Identification
TS 23.501 System Architecture for the 5G System
TS 23.502 Procedures for the 5G System
TS 29.500 5G System, Technical Realization of Service Based Architecture
TS 29.502 5G System, Session Management Services
TS 29.503 5G System, Unified Data Management Services
TS 29.510 5G System, Network function repository services
TS 29.518 5G System, Access and Mobility Management Services