We are asking a lot of our 5G systems.

5G must deliver a wide range of challenging use cases with extraordinarily diverse characteristics in terms of data rares, latency, reliability, and the number of connected devices.

Lets explore the areas of automation and optimization, including what can be optimized along with the beneficial outcomes of optimization.

Business Drivers for 5G Automation and Optimization.

Optimization has been a cornerstone of wireless networks and has facilitated increased performance since the earlier chronology generations.

Manual optimization today done by engineers includes the analysis to iden­tify problems, troubleshoot the root cause, and perform manual interventions to change various aspects of network configuration. This manual process is slow and requires laborious workflows to reach a conclusion. To scale this up naively requires more linear scaling in rime, engineering resources, and ultimately cost.

Automation takes the principles of manual optimization and encodes the process in computerized software that can be performed automatically with minimal or even no human  interventions. This vastly reduces the cycle rime for interventions and frees the engineers to manage other aspects of network operations. The workflows of manual optimization can be automated bur as we shall see, automation opens the door to entirely new approaches that are nor even possible with the current manual approaches.

Benefits of Optimization and Automation

  • Delivery of the 5G Service Enablers
  • Enabling Coexistence of Network Slices for Rich Service Ecosystems
  • A Platform for Friction less Service Creation and a Market in Connectivity
  • Achieving Optimized OPEX to Manage Operational Complexity
  • Reduced or Deferred CAPEX
  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Cyber Security and Network Security
  • Meeting of Regulatory Requirements
  • Intent-Driven Optimization

Technology Enablers for Automation and Optimization

  • Disaggregation
  • Network Flexibility and Complexity
  • Network Programmability
  • Virtualization and Service-Based Architecture
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning